Electricity demand in the Philippines is expected to rise because of the continuing economic growth. This means that the country will need new power plants to meet the required additional supply.

The Philippine economy grew 6.6 percent in 2012 and is projected to grow from six percent to seven percent in 2013.

According to the Department of Energy, electricity demand would be addressed with private sector commitment to build new power plants.


Luzon Grid
Electricity demand in Luzon is projected to increase at an average annual growth rate of 4.13 percent to 10,693 megawatts in 2020 from 7,969 MW last year. It will increase further to 16, 477 MW in 2030.
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Visayas Grid
Visayas electricity demand is projected to increase at an average annual growth rate of 4.52 percent. At a projected demand of 1,568 MW in 2012 this will increase to 2,237 MW in 2020. (read more)

Mindanao Grid
Of the three grids, Mindanao has the largest growth rate projection. At 4.57 percent average annual growth rate, projected peak demand in 2012 at 1,407 MW is seen to increase to 2,068 MW in 2020 and will increase further to 3,250 MW in 2030. (read more)












The Philippine energy sector faces the demands of an expanding market in an upbeat economy. Some P774 billion in fresh investments are needed between now and 2016 to roll out critical infrastructure projects and various programs needed to ensure national energy security. 

PowerTrends 2013, the 9th in the series of biennial energy exhibition provides the platform for companies to showcase their strengths to an audience of decision makers from government, power and energy developers, investors and industry.

Powertech Business Forum, the concurrent conference, serves as the highest level of dialogue between government and the industry.

PowerTrends 2013 incorporates two other events:

Energy Expo: Energy Expo will feature new, renewable and alternative sources of energy, green energy, energy efficiency technologies, as well as coal, nuclear, oil and gas technologies

Electech: Electech will present the latest technologies for power, energy, electrical, electronics and lighting for commerce, infrastructure and homes 

The PowerTrends series is a regular biennial energy event in the Philippines, held every two years in cooperation with the Department of Energy since 1995. 

Be part of this important event. Join other CEOs and senior officials of private and government energy companies, investors and representatives of financial institutions. This event ensures opportunities for privileged networking and business exchanges.

Participate as a Sponsor, Exhibitor or Delegate to the Business Forum. The exhibit is open to trade visitors for free.






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