Generation of electricity

Power Generating plants, Coal, Oil and Gas powered plants, Co-generation plants, Alternative Generating plants - Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Hydro, Geothermal, Generators for work-sites.

Transmission Technology

Overland power grid systems

Underwater cables and pipes

Underground cables and conduits

Trench and tunnel digging

Distribution Technology

Transformers, Switchgears, Switchboards, cables, conductors, Accessories.

Consultancy & Services

Turnkey consultancy services, Market studies, Insurance, finance, Logistics, Supplies, Publications



Energy Expo

Oil and Gas products

Diesel fuel, petroleum, Oil, Natural gas, LPG, LNG.

Offshore Exploration

Platforms, infrastracture, supplies, drills, safety gears, equipment and services.

Renewable Energy

  • Biomas
  • Hydro
  • Geothermal
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Ocean

Coal Mining

Equipment and supplies

Safety and equipment

Processing technology

Energy Management

Energy management systems

Energy saving technologies

Energy efficiency technologies and products

Logistics and Storage

Special Purpose Vehicles

Transport for dangerous goods

Storage facilities

Electric Transport

Storage Facilities




Installation Equipment

Instrumentation, analyzer, testers, controls, monitors, sensors, fuse, insulators, meters, gauges, tools, switches, bulbs, dimmers, security and safety equipment.

On-Site Electricity Supply

Mobile generators, battery, Emergency lighting, torches, Conduits, cables, containers.

Public Lighting Technologies

Lighting for roads, highways, subways

Lighting for parks and public places

Lighting for stations, stadiums, pools

Industrial Lighting Technology

Lighting for factories and plants Airfields, airports, sea ports, railways.

Residential Lightings & Accessories

Lighting for homes, gardens and outdoor Emergency lighting, energy-saving devices and equipment Bulbs, remote controls, timers, sensors, etc.

Commercial Lighting Technology

Lighting for commercial buildings offices

Lighting for shopping centers, advertising signs.

Electrical Products

    - Electrical appliances and equipment for industrial use

    - Electrical appliances for consumer use

    - Electrical saving devices

    - Energy efficiency gadgets and systems

    - Electric Transportation