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The Powertech Business Forum of POWERTRENDS will remain to be the driving force in the changing market dynamics.  Beyond the usual factors considered in energy planning, we will rope in technological innovations in conservation and end-use efficiency, improvements in manufacturing technologies and processes and emerging renewable technologies.



Top trends in the industry among which are 

• More gas capacity added to the grid
• Rise of distributed resources in response to demand (e.g. electric vehicles, batteries, etc.)
• Solar emerging breakthroughs in handling intermittency issues and communication
• Smart grid


Emerging commercial energy management trends 

• More gas capacity added to the grid
- Microgrids and AI
- Digital demands:  energy blockchain and IOT
• Energy management system for commercial and industrial use
• Energy efficiency:  IOT and smart lighting, turnable white lighting, etc.


A review of the past 25 years in Philippine energy development


DOE plans and directions the next 2 years

Forum Info

• Power
• New & Renewable Energy
• Energy Efficiency/Savings Technology and Energy Management
• Energy Management
• Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration
• Others

Forum InfoThrough collaboration with government and local association, our show manage to seize attention from industry media and lead player attention.

Renewable Energy / Power Generation / Equipment and Supplies / Energy Management / Distribution Technology / Consultancy and Planning / Lighting Technology / Logistics and Storage / Transmission Technology / Oil and Gas / Coal Mining / Nuclear Energy

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