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Powertrends 2023 International Business Forum Review

This forum was organized  amidst  a confluence  of factors  affecting not only the Philippines but also the whole world -  a lingering effect of a global pandemic, the protracted Russia - Ukraine  war affecting supply and price of fuel, the threat of a global recession, and with a newly elected President of the Philippines. 

About 300 government officials, top industry decision makers and technical experts gathered at the Powertrends 2023 International Business Forum. POWERTRENDS 2023 successfully opened this February 8-9, 2023 at the New World Makati Hotel, Philippines with the theme “Technology, Innovation and the Climate: Building Synergies Together for Energy Transition”.

POWERTRENDS 2023 officially opened with a keynote address from Philippine Energy Secretary Raphael P.M. Lotilla. Brief messages followed from Ambassador Franz- Michael Skjold Mellbin of the Royal Danish Embassy Manila and Ambassador Anke Reiffenstuel of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany (delivered by Dr. David Klebs, Economic Counsellor of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.) 

The International Business Forum started with the session on Energy Crisis: A Challenge To Be Weathered, with sub-sessions on The Industry Response, The Energy Transition: Will RE Thrive as the Grand Strategy of Energy Resilience? and Risks/Chokepoints versus Sweet Spots of RE Project Developments. 

This was followed by sessions and panel discussions on Recasting Investment Paragons For Gas, Reinventing Nuclear Renaissance Towards A Zero-Carbon Future, Industry 4.0 And “Digital Transformation” Across Businesses, The Rise Of E-Mobility and Is Now Really The High Time For “King Coal” To Grow Dim For The Green Energy Future?

Hon. Mike O. Cojuangco and Senator Sherwin T. Gatchalian joined the panel discussions on Nuclear Energy and Electric Vehicles, respectively. 

Once again, The annual POWERTRENDS Business Forum provided the platform for dialogue and network thinking between government and the private sector.

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