About the Conference

The Powertech Business Forum of POWERTRENDS will remain to be the driving force in the changing market dynamics.  Beyond the usual factors considered in energy planning, we will rope in technological innovations in conservation and end-use efficiency, improvements in manufacturing technologies and processes and emerging renewable technologies.


October 2-4, 2024

New World Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Theme: Innovations are Revolutionizing the Energy Landscape


The Energy Revolution has arrived!

Close to 80% of greenhouse emissions stem from energy production, making it one of the main drivers of climate change. At the same time, some 760  million people are without electricity while about 2.6 billion cook with dirty unhealthy fuels, according to the United Nations. Thus, the Sustainable Development Goal 7 states: " On the way to Net  Zero." As we rethink Energy, we need to reduce carbon emission  but at at the same time reduce energy costs.

The timing is right. We recognize the following tipping points for such a move:

This Business Forum will unfold the developing Revolution in the energy sector as the industry navigates the path towards  a carbon - free future.

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