Exhibit Profile

Exhibit Profile


   I. Repurposing of existing coal-fired plants

         1. Coal to Ammonia

         2. Coal to Hydrogen

         3. Coal to Biomass

   II. Renewable Energy Generation

        1. Rooftop Solar

        2. Onshore Solar

        3. Offshore Solar

        4. Onshore Wind

        5. Offshore Wind

        6. Windmill generated water pumps 

        7. Waste-to-energy

              7a. Agricultural waste

              7b. Municipal waste

   III. Syngas- Ammonia- Hydrogen Production  and Utilization 

         Large Solar/Wind to electricity- ammonia hydrogen systems

Battery Storage and BESS

Geothermal Energy

LNG as a transition fuel

Transmission technologies for reducing CO2

Distribution technologies to reduce CO2

Electrical Products

Residential Lightings & Accessories

Public Lighting Technologies

Commercial Lighting Technologies

Energy Efficiency and Demand Management Systems

Electric Transport

Consultancy & Services

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